About James T. Mcglowan MD

In the past 15 years, I have performed over 6,000 successful arthroscopic joint procedures, 2000 reconstructive fracture procedures and 1,300 hip, knee and shoulder replacements.

I have treated over 100 Division I athletes and athletes on scholarships post reconstructive surgery. My patients have included Olympic-trial athletes, athletes pursuing the NFL, NBA and WNBA, bodybuilders, fitness and bikini models, and minor league players. This includes patients from multiple countries worldwide.

We don’t just get you back, we make you better. And we don’t accept good, we want perfection.


Our mission is to offer the most advanced treatment, latest technology, and the least invasive techniques in the field of sports medicine.

We don’t just get you back, we make you better. And we don’t accept good, we want perfection.


I specialize in the following:

– Operative and non-operative treatment for joint disorders (tendinosis, arthritis, muscle and tendon strains).
– Hip, knee, partial knee and [patella resurfacing replacement].
– Major ligament, joint stabilization and reconstructive surgery.
– Reconstructive surgery for all non-spinal fractures.
– Robotic hip and knee replacement.
– ACL reconstructions with allograft and autograft (with hamstring and patella tendon harvests).
– Stabilization of all non-spinal joints.
– Tenosynovitis of the hand, trigger fingers and carpal tunnel.
– “tennis elbow”, “golfers elbow”, “little league elbow” and shoulder.
– Patellofemoral syndrome, jumpers knee, runners knee.
– Illiotibial band syndrome.
– Nursitis of hip, knee, ankle and shoulder.
– Cemented and non-cemented total knee replacement (with trabecular metal using NASA technology).

We offer a full spectrum of medical care for active people of all ages and fitness levels. This includes gender-specific, minimally invasive hip and knee replacements, orthopaedias, arthroscopy (shoulder, knee, ankle, and elbow), and pediatric/adolescent sports medicine. Our facilities include comprehensive X-ray, MRI and ultrasound services.

In addition, we specialize in MAKOplasty, an advanced surgical procedure developed by the MAKO Surgical Corporation for partial knee or total hip arthroplasty. It uses a robotic arm called “RIO Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System” to perform minimally invasive surgery.

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