What do we do?

Advanced treatment, the latest technology and least invasive techniques

About Dr. Mcglowan

Fellowship trained in arthroscopy and adult/adolescent sports medicine including patients with open growth plates.

Our Mission is to offer the most advanced treatment, latest technology, and the least invasive techniques in the field of sports medicine. In the past 22 years, I have performed over 10,500 successful arthroscopic joint procedures, 3200 reconstructive fracture procedures and 4000 hip, knee and shoulder replacements.

I have treated over 100 Division I athletes and athletes on scholarships post reconstructive surgery.  My patients have included Olympic-trial athletes, athletes pursuing the NFL, NBA and WNBA, bodybuilders, fitness and bikini models, and minor league players. This includes patients from multiple countries worldwide.

Some interesting facts:

Years of experience
Arthroscopic successful joint procedures
Hip knee and shoulder replacements
Reconstructive fracture procedures

We believe science makes a difference.